Odin’s Ravens’ Song


Available through http://www.saatchiart.com/MeloraWalters-Art


This series is inspired by a poem within the Poetic Edda,
Hrafnagaldr Odins: Odin’s Ravens’ Song.

“Understand ye yet, or what?”

Huginn and Muninn
62 x 62 inches
oil, pencil, charcoal on canvas


Odin’s Ravens’ Song No. 2 and No.3
2 panels 26 x 30 inches each
oil on canvas
$800 each

odin's ravens' song no. 1 croppedodin's ravens' song no.2 cropped


Ravens No. 1-6
12 x 16 inches each
oil, charcoal, pencil on canvas
$500 each

1.Raven No.12.Raven No.23.Raven No.34.Raven No.45.Raven No.56.Raven No.6


Dark Water
57.5 x 23.5 inches
oil on canvas
Dark Water


Civil War Valkyrie 1-5
11 x 15 inches each
oil and pencil on Arches paper
$600 each

1.valkyrie on paper-12.valkyrie on paper-2
3.valkyrie on paper-34.valkyrie on paper-45.valkyrie on paper-5


Odin’s Ravens’ Song No.1
64 x 64 inches
oil on canvas
(by appointment only)




Wolf Portrait-1
36 x 48 inches
oil and pencil on canvas

Wolf Portrait-2
36 x 48 inches
oil and pencil on canvas

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